You're making a collection for: Trash that's good for you

Give new life to an unwanted gift, have fun with your friends, and support research!

Organize a recycled gift party with your friends at Christmas, you will do good for yourself, the environment and research!

Think about it, you and your friends won't have that anxiety of "but what do I give them now?", you will do good for the environment because you won't create new waste, you will have a lot of fun opening the trashy gifts you have prepared, and with the money saved from gifts you can support AISM research!


Here are the rules for organizing a real "Useless Gift Party."

  • Each participant must show up with a recycled (and quite trashy) gift;
  • As in a real "raffle" the gifts will be awarded by drawing. Who knows who will get the ugliest gift!
  • Post on social media your photos with the ugliest gift by tagging AISM and the hashtag #iltrashchefabene
And to top it off, all participants can support AISM's research by donating to the fundraiser you will have created (just click on CREATE A CAMPAIGN on the side) or by clicking directly on DONATE on this page.!

Support research in a fun way this Christmas: create your Unnecessary Gift Partyfundraisingcampaign now and invite your friends to participate!

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